A tale of two dogs…



I love dogs and if I didn’t travel so much, I would have one.  I may even figure out how to have one and travel but I think that means I would need a staff of walkers and sitters.  I’m not ready for a staff just yet.  Until the day I am, I watch my friend’s dogs.

Fanny belongs to Kimberly and is eight years old.  I told Kimberly it would take 6 years before Fanny would ripen into an incredible dog.  I was off by a year – it took 7 –  but she is incredible.  She’s part pit bull and sweet as can be until a skateboard goes by.  Then Fanny takes to the sky in a rage and it’s like flying a kite in a wild wind.  I used to walk Fanny before my arm was messed up by surgery.  I was always amused as to who would come up to me to talk about Fanny while I had her out.  She had a type and it was men I referred to as a Double T.  Testosterone and Trouble and lots of it all rolled into one.  It’s amazing how many versions there are out there.  Fanny always smells a Double T when he’s about and when she does she immediately rolls onto her back and gives a come hither kind of look.  Without fail, the intended Double T rubs her belly.  I don’t wish for a Double T in my life but it does seem such a shame that I have a no fail magnet available to me.   I usually just chat a bit and then pull Fanny to move on.  She always looks disappointed.



It wasn’t until I watched Coco for a week that I realized the type of dog you have does matter.  I was barely 40 feet out of my building with Coco when I realized she didn’t attract Double T’s.  No sir.  A mere 8 months old and she had a brand of human that I hadn’t expected.  In hindsight, it shouldn’t have surprised me.  Coco attracts women.  It was old women who have given up on plucking their chin hairs that first assaulted me in the street.  I know about their chin hairs because they weren’t into the usual code of space between two for a conversation.  They were in my face discussing in joyous rapture the cuteness of Coco.

Coco wasn’t much of a walker.  She’d do a few steps but much preferred to be carried.  I’m a 10,000 step a day kind of gal and Coco fit under my arm – all 10 pounds of her.  There were times I pretended she was a purse and she seemed rather pleased riding under my arm like a clutch.  It was during those moments I discovered the second kind of person attracted to Coco.  Beautiful women who liked other women also liked Coco.  I know this because they too would stop me to talk about Coco and then start petting her while I held her.  Inevitably, they would start petting my arm and look into my eyes.  Nothing… I don’t wish for a lesbian or an old woman in my life but it does seem a shame because I have a no fail magnet available to me.  Sigh.

This has got me thinking.  What kind of dog do I want and how will I know what it’s going to attract?  Will I like the people who stop to chat or will they drive me mad?  Suddenly, I’m feeling an added weight to my decision.  Now, I’m watching who has what on the end of a leash.

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13 Responses to A tale of two dogs…

  1. elroyjones says:

    You should get a cute little French bulldog. Men and women like the naughty little things, they’re not too girly and they’re not too beastly, they’re just right. We had Coconut here with us for 6 weeks and she was wonderful, just like our child. This year naughty little Porkchop came and spent a week or two and we loved him too. He remembers us when we see him and he’s happy. A nice, naughty little French bulldog is what you need. They’re small enough that you can pick them up and they’re funny because they do not KNOW they’re little dogs, they think they’re big.

    • maesprose says:

      I love the name Porkchop. It just sounds so right for a French bulldog. I will take your suggestion and seriously think about it. I’m going to see if there is one in the neighborhood I could “borrow” for a walk!

  2. Daile says:

    Agree with a Frenchie or even a pug – a black one. They are my two dream dogs and i’m hoping they would attract the right kind of people 🙂

  3. Natalia says:

    I adopted a pug named Alfred. Suddenly all people on the streets are talking to me. Kids want to hug him, women want to pet him, and men are making jokes about him playing in Men in black.
    Get a pug! They are the goofiest of all dogs and 10,000 step a day – not a problem. They are Velcro dogs and follow their human everywhere. Even the bathroom:)

  4. LB says:

    This is such a fun post!!! Sorry, but I don’t have a no fail magnet suggestion for you … I can say that your tale is so well written that I found myself chuckling out loud.

  5. John says:

    Well at least you didn’t get the all-in-one: Double T, hairy chin, lesbian …

  6. Elyse says:

    We had a Bernese Mountain Dog before Cooper (an English Springer Spaniel). That’s what you get if you want attention because they re stunning. But if you want love, I suggest a spaniel or a shepherd or a golden. Unconditional love for YOU. other folks come in way later.

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