Mother’s Day

NestI love empty bird nests.  There is a still beauty about them when you find them whole at the end of the season.  Colleen has the one pictured above in her foyer.  It sits on a shelf almost blending into the concrete wall that surrounds it. I can’t help but marvel at the workmanship that created it.

Lilly of the Valley 2

Today was Mother’s Day and the sisters and I initially found it rather difficult as the day approached.  We have been at a loss for the past three years as to what we should do to commemorate it.  We miss our mother and the gaping hole she left in our lives is so very evident on this day.  This year a new tradition started and it is not one we love but know it is an intermediary one.  It is called, “Move the Coeds From Their College Dorm Rooms”.  There is nothing like hauling a refrigerator down a road to ease the pain of loss.

“Did you pack anything?” Colleen asked.

Her fledglings who look like grown women but shake their heads like kids hadn’t.  Not really in the way that was needed.  We went to lunch in a nearby restaurant and once fortified with omelets, we went back to the dorm to load the car.  It may have taken us 3 hours but we got everything packed up.  The car was stuffed to the gills and Colleen drove off later that day looking like she was escaping the dust bowl of the 1920’s.

I am lucky.  I had wanted children and the right man never came along to have them with.   Colleen had two very colicky babies.  Really, the worst babies I have ever known.  They screamed for six months straight and in that time I got to hold and rock them.  My maternal love had a place to go and it was needed even beyond the initial six months of screaming hell.  I am lucky because Colleen wasn’t possessive as some mothers can be.  She let all of us love her daughters and encouraged us to be active participants in their lives.  It has truly been a gift.

Colleen really is an amazing mother.  She has done a wonderful job raising those girls.


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5 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. elroyjones says:

    Being an aunt is the best! I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  2. LB says:

    “Move the Coeds From Their College Dorm Rooms” – this cracked me up! As well as the comment about the fledglings not having packed.
    Sharing this with a dear friend who is an amazing aunt/mother also!
    Lovely / funny post!

  3. annetbell says:

    This is a lovely post. Thanks for your transparency……namaste…..Anne

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