Cloudy Florida

Sunrise in Florida

The Easter dishes had barely been put away when I took off for Florida this past week. The first two days were work related and the remaining four were purely for pleasure that my company offered others and me for a successful year. We went down to Sanibel Island and as I have done in years past, I brought my sister Colleen. I have been told by other attendee’s that this is really a “couples” event. I’m never really sure how to answer that and usually don’t. I’m not a couple at the moment and in truth, I would still choose Colleen even if I were. We don’t get to travel much together with just the ease of entertaining the two of us alone. We had massages, took a class to clear our Chi and ate as we pleased. Back in our room and out of sight, we laugh so hard that one or both of us inevitably pee in our pants. No trip is a success without a good belly laugh.

Morning by the pool

This year Mother Nature was kind. She sent storms and cold weather so that I didn’t have to stand in front of my co-workers in a bathing suit. In my 20’s it was embarrassing and in my 50’s it’s horrifying. I’m in good shape “for my age” but who wants to be reminded of their age! As I have mentioned in earlier posts, my body has taken it upon itself to shift my bumps and curves to new locations. It is one thing to witness in the dim lighting of my home. It’s quite another in the blaring Florida sun. I was quite giddy once I realized it would be days filled with sweaters.

Palm trees

The mini vacation went fast and I came home with nothing except a few more laugh lines.

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6 Responses to Cloudy Florida

  1. elroyjones says:

    Sanibel is nice. I used to live in Ft. Myers- twenty years ago and it was lovely then. There’s a reserve or bird sanctuary out there as I recall, very relaxing.
    If I were to go to a beach now I’d choose to wear a burka.

  2. LB says:

    Fab time with your sister! We all need more times for gut rolling laughs (even if there are secondary results 🙂 ) and that burka comment was a good one!!

  3. Terry says:

    Love Sanibel, I was there years ago. In either case, you had higher temps. Here comes the Spring!!!

  4. maesprose says:

    Sanibel is a beautiful place. I have to admit though… today was the best weather I’ve seen in months! I loved it.

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