A fun time was had by all.

Croc in glass pot 1

Easter went off without a hitch.  My guests all arrived haunted by the Monster Moon reverberations.  What problems that could be left outside my front door were.  Those that arrived limping and sniffling kept their ailments in low profile.  We squeezed into our seats eating and laughing for the afternoon.  I should’ve left the lamb in longer and can’t imagine where I must have stuck that thermometer when I had made the decision to pull it out.  In retrospect, next year I will get two tiny legs which will be easier to handle.

We discovered long ago that holidays are best celebrated with family and then a few friends are invited too.  The friends keep the family members on their best behavior and I have yet to have a celebration that doesn’t go swimmingly.  Of course, we have our mishaps like the year Colleen’s dog licked the icing off the cake we were having for desert.  It didn’t stop us from eating the cake.  We just worked our way around the parts that were “touched”.  This year one of my guests set his shirt on fire reaching for something over a candle.  The shirt is ruined but the story will live on for years to come.  Then there was my 90 year old father flirting with a new guest who is about to become 40.  It was all harmless fun and it showed us that the old guy is still very much alive.

Crocs in glass pot egg 1

I decorated the table with purple crocus blooms I had bought at the farmers market.  They were originally in black plastic pots.  I gently removed them from the pots and put them into glass containers to make table decorations.  It was wonderful as the roots added a design element through the glass and they looked really beautiful.  This morning I couldn’t resist photographing them before replanting the bulbs outside for beauty again next year.

Croc in glass pot egg 1

I admit I am exhausted today.  Saturday I kept mumbling to myself this might be the last year I hold this celebration.  There were moments my mood was really foul as I hunted down ingredients and flowers.  Then yesterday with everyone I love all gathered together having such a wonderful time, I knew my efforts were worth it.  I got a bit mushy there for a moment inside my head.  The wine might have added to the emotions I was feeling and probably to my exhaustion today.  I dream of having a larger home that can fit all of my guests comfortably.  My mother used to say, “We may not have as much fun if we can spread our elbows out easily.”  All I do know is we were all able to leave our problems outside the door for a few hours.  I might add that everyone collected the ones they arrived with as they headed home.  That was a relief!

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5 Responses to A fun time was had by all.

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Sounds like a beautiful day. So nice just to get some time with all the family and, as you say, the appearance of friends. We had a new friend of my brother’s introduced this Easter and, as she’s from China, it made for very lively conversation.

    • maesprose says:

      That sounds like fun! We all need to mix it up a bit. Happy belated Easter to you!

      • Chas Spain says:

        Thanks Mae- having a nice break this year -very lazy. Went down to Geelong on the train with the kids today. We really did nothing but eat and still were so tired we slept all the way home. It was lovely. (Incidentally my brother’s new friend is a ‘Mae’ as well – it might be spelt Mei..)

  2. LB says:

    Thank goodness that you are exhausted for a good reason! So glad all went well. Mae, I love your photos, especially these … the crocus blooms are so pretty!

  3. maesprose says:

    Thanks Laurie – I thought the crocuses photographed well too. I’m still playing with the Impossible Film and my Polaroid Camera – there is an art even to that.

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