Monster Moon

Blurry Eggs 1


Last week Lisa called, “There’s a monster full moon happening on Wednesday.  The planetary line up is supposed to wreak havoc in our lives.  What day are you flying home?”  Of course, I was flying on Wednesday.  My stomach did a little flip.  Lisa isn’t one to follow astrology that closely.  I’m not sure how it came about that she brought it up and yet there I was on Wednesday with my eyes closed as the plane headed into the sky.  By the time we landed, I called Lisa and felt very cocky as I was still in one piece.  I shouldn’t have been so short sighted and jubilant.  It was the guests at my Easter table who were targeted and then felled one by one with wicked colds, a pulled achilles muscle and then there is my brother who has his own health issues that need to be addressed on Tuesday.  Everyone who said they would help me prepare for Easter couldn’t.  I had phone calls and emails that just dripped with whimpering sadness.  This afternoon as I peeled carrots, roasted beets and then set the table I had a few choice words for that moon.

Rabbit & Eggs 1

Tomorrow I have 15 people arriving for Easter dinner.  Friends and family and nearly all of them have gathered with me for 19 years to celebrate this holiday.  They will be limping and sniveling but they will be here and I know we’ll have a wonderful time.  My fingers are crossed I won’t catch that cold that seems to be going around and that the Monster Moon won’t mess with my preparations!

For all of you who are celebrating Easter, have a wonderful holiday.  For those that are not, have a wonderful day!



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2 Responses to Monster Moon

  1. LB says:

    I sure would love to hear how the sniveling, wimpering, limping but I am sure deliciously fun Easter Dinner went! Happy Easter to you, too!!

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