This girl is on fire

This girl is on fire

I sing that phrase to myself about three times a day.  Right after I remove my shirt or jacket the verse pops into my head.  Even in the middle of the night after I’ve kicked my blankets off.  It lightens the moment for me.  I’ve learned to wear layers and the bottom one has to be able to be seen in public.

This girl is on fire

Alicia Key’s song is my theme song these days but it’s not accomplishments that are my flame.  No, it’s body temperature.  I know others who have it worse.  Who sweat along with the flames.  In general, I am much hotter than I used to be – temperature wise only.  I now drive around with blankets in my car even in the summer.  They’re for my passengers who include grown men reduced to shivering.  For a girl who spent much of her life wearing wool socks to bed even in July the change of body temperature has been rather liberating. Yes, it is a nuisance in a business meeting but most of the time I’m good with making the rest of the world shiver.  Of course, speak to me in July and we’ll see what I report then!

Coney Island Cyclone

The photo is of the Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster ride.  I was in Coney Island over the weekend with friends just to see how it survived Sandy.  I’m not sure it’s still in working order.  I just threw it into the middle of this post because this aging thing is a bit like that ride.  Raise your hands and scream we’re going down.  Besides the extra heat, what is really bothering me is that all of the extra cells in my body decided to congregate around my belly.  I haven’t gained weight but my shape is changing.  My dresses don’t fit the same.  A tell tale pull by the belly that I am still able to hide to a degree.  Panic has ensued and it’s not vanity that is leading the charge but my finances.  I can’t afford to buy all new work clothes and I don’t want to.  I like my wardrobe.  In light of this I’ve taken to wearing a pedometer and walking a minimum of 10,000 steps a day.  I continue with my yoga and Pilates but have added cardio at the YMCA.  They have elliptical machines and every morning and night I run over and do 20 minutes or so.  If that doesn’t work then I’ll just have to raise my hands and scream.    That actually sounds like fun.

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7 Responses to This girl is on fire

  1. Coleen says:

    I’m with you toots!

  2. elroyjones says:

    I am so warm. I don’t perspire but I am very warm. I shut the heat off in the bedroom. I took the flannel sheets off the bed. It gives me enormous pleasure to stretch out on those nice frosty sheets.
    My whole self looks like a troll doll. I used to have a figure; I still do, like a troll doll. Like you, I haven’t gained weight as much as the weight has made a seismic shift. My mother used to diet and always complain of being fat when she was this age. She wasn’t so I thought she was nuts. Now, I get it.

    • maesprose says:

      I had lunch today with a friend. She too is going through the same thing. I always heard about this but thought it wouldn’t happen to me. Silly fool that I am. My bedroom window is wide open and the flannel sheets are packed away. I’m still dieting and trying to keep my metabolism up. I need to stay this way for another 7 years or so…. long enough to build a new wardrobe to last another decade. I fear I’ll be working until I’m 70 or more…

      • elroyjones says:

        Us too Mae. We talk about it all the time- how long will be able to maintain the pace required to continue working?
        As for the garment situation, I am slowly incorporating loose flowing pieces-as much as one can incorporate loose and flowing for a 5ft 3in person. I exercise a lot but I can’t devote my entire life to it!

  3. Laurie Buchwald says:

    I can hear that song so clearly in my head as I read it in this post! I hear ya!! My 80 year old, incredibly healthy (and tiny) mother, complains about her belly. I can’t imagine what mine will be like! yikes …

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