What will next week bring?

Roses in Mason Jars

Energy wise, I’d say this was a week to remember.  It started with Chinese New Year on Sunday.  Then we had a day of excess, Fat Tuesday, followed immediately with reflection of soul on Ash Wednesday.  Valentine’s Day is prone to reflection of relationships either good or bad and that is what Thursday was filled with. Friday a meteor dropped to earth as though to punctuate the emotional highs and lows of the past week.  I think it’s safe to say, “I’m glad we made it through that mess.”

I had been waiting for a good month for this Friday.  My bonus arrived.  The sum always sounds grander then the measly amount that actually shows up in my checking account.  I had been stock piling my expensive “to do list” items for a few months. My budget just wouldn’t allow for the additional costs.  There was a bag of film to be developed, bills that I wanted to pay off, shoes that needed repair and art work that had to be framed.  I told the owner at the frame shop I needed the pieces to last at least 30 years.  He promised me 100.  By the end of the day, very little of my bonus was left.  I am very excited as to what next week brings.  Photos locked in a plastic bag on rolls of film will become a reality and pieces of art that friends have created will finally be displayed in beautiful frames.

Bag of Film

My apartment is filled with items rich in sentiment.  There isn’t a piece of furniture, vase, painting or even lamp that doesn’t have a story involving a friend or family member.  I have managed to fill my home with stories and memories of others.  Needless to say, it is visually eclectic and very difficult to “re do” as little can be discarded without a hint of guilt.  Even my soup ladle reminds me of a great aunt who gave it to my mother to give to me in the last few days of her life.  Why a soup ladle and not a piece of jewelry is beyond me.  I come from a long line of highly practical people and my mother must have been telling my great aunt that I was learning to make soup.  From there you can connect the dots yourself.  The funny part is for nearly 25 years now I use the ladle just about every day in the winter, think about Aunt Caroline as I use it and secretly love it.  I would secretly love a bracelet of some value too but it’s best I let that go.


As for the summary of this week, it is the year of the Snake and I am a Rat.  Hmm, that may not bode well for me.  I gave up chocolate for Lent, didn’t mind Valentine’s Day this year and you already know all about my Friday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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2 Responses to What will next week bring?

  1. Laurie Buchwald says:

    Your summary really encapsulated the week. And I love the ladle … you probably use it much more than you would wear a bracelet and the history behind it is wonderful. I wonder what soup she ladled up with it? Enjoy the fruits of your bonus!

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