A snowstorm named Elmo

Snowstorm Elmo

I love snow.

There’s a part of me that is still a child and on Friday she was wild with anticipation.


Our first real storm and I couldn’t wait. I had my cameras packed and more film ready to go. My plan was to photograph Central Park covered in snow on Saturday morning. I’ve taken many photographs like this before and I have no doubt there are many more to come – just not this past weekend.

I go to Café Grumpy in Chelsea for my coffee in the mornings. There’s a grounding feeling of neighborhood and home there. I go whenever I’m in town and on Saturday morning I thought I’d get a cup before heading to the park. Crunch, crunch, crunch through the snow I went and the sound and texture told me it was perfect for packing. I passed a hardware store. Just on a whim, I went in. I don’t know if it was the clear blue skies or the crunch of the snow but the question just escaped my lips when I looked at the clerk behind the counter.

“Do you have any sleds?”

“We have 2 left.”

“I’ll take them.”

Snowstorm Madison Sq Park

It was that simple and easy. One plan replaced by another. I didn’t even know who the other sled was for I just knew someone would want to join me. There was no doubt, I was about to have an incredible day. I tumbled into Café Grumpy with my sleds and started texting.

Want to go sledding in Central Park?

It was my nieces who responded with an enthusiastic YES! Can we bring friends?

Of Course!

That’s how it all started. From there the group went from sledding to hot chocolate to dinner in a diner and then meeting up with another friend who invited all of us in to meet his new puppy filled with mischief. I laughed and screamed as my sled slid down the hill. My hot chocolate had whipped cream and somewhere deep inside a girl who loves snow was having the time of her life. Somewhere less deep inside is a woman who is thankful she found a lump 3 years ago. She knows that if she hadn’t, days like this would be numbered which is why days like this are that much sweeter now.

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4 Responses to A snowstorm named Elmo

  1. I spent my childhood in the deep snows of, Canada, Colorado and Minnesota.
    Where I live now, we are lucky to get rain in the winter. I miss the snow.
    Beautiful post. Thank you for reminding me of the joy of snow, and that with or without snow happiness can, (and should) be found everywhere.

  2. Chas Spain says:

    Very poignant post. We had a wonderful sledding day like that a few years ago with friends in the UK. The snow was thick and the sky was fair. Perfect days like that a so special.

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