Is It actually lost if you know where it is?

There are four definitions for a “Lost Weekend” and I just lived one of them. No, I didn’t drink too much or find myself lost in the arms of a lover. If you guessed that I went on a Netflix bender, you are closer to the truth. A head cold flattened me on Friday and I stayed in bed watching all 19 episodes of Caprica when I wasn’t sleeping. Friends had suggested I watch it weeks ago when I confessed to loving the series Battlestar Gallectica. Caprica didn’t enthrall me but it served my needs well. I was in a muddled state from the cold and the drugs I took to help ease the symptoms. I knew it was best for me to just let the cold run its course. Plans were scratched and I hunkered down with a vat of Chicken Soup, garlic, tea, vitamins and then cold & flu drugs. I did escape my “windowed grave” for a few hours on Saturday to attend Kelly’s memorial service downtown. I didn’t hug anyone because of the cold and was told my eyes had a horrid glassy look about them. I knew I couldn’t miss the memorial service and when the comments started about my pale complexion and then eyes it was time to go. I left within the hour and crawled back into bed.

It’s now Monday morning and I’m feeling a bit better. Oh joy, just in time for work!

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4 Responses to Is It actually lost if you know where it is?

  1. Big Girl says:

    Glad you are feeling better.

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