It was just beautiful….

I took off for Sonoma County after a week of seminars at Greenbuild in San Francisco.   It was an interesting week but made up of lectures scheduled one right after the other.  Sustainability.  It is an interesting yet dry topic.  I’m not used to sitting and listening for hours on end.  Mine is a life of movement and conversation.

Friday came quickly enough.  We had morning lectures and then headed near the docks for lunch.  After a delicious meal at The Ferry Building, the weekend officially began along with the rain.

An associate and I made plans to escape for 24 hours from our lives.  My enthusiasm was compounded by the fact it was my birthday.  If you look closely at the photo above you’ll see it’s the Golden Gate Bridge through fog, rain and a windshield.  A delightful blur.  If you press your nose up to the monitor, you might feel how happy I was when I took it.

Our first stop was Muir woods.  I don’t have any photos from my Polaroid as it was really raining by then.  We traversed the wet paths and because the park was so empty, the light rather mystical and the dribble of rain so melodic we somehow lost two hours in a meditative trance.  By the time we took to the road, it was dark.  My associate drove and kept saying, “I’m sure this ride is beautiful.”  I was sure of it myself though neither of us had any proof.  We drove to Bodega Bay with only the vision of the movie The Birds in mind.

In the morning light it was confirmed, Bodega Bay is a beautiful area.  Just moments away the Pacific Ocean swirls and crashes against the shore.   The strength of the sea can be felt even high up on the cliffs and I found it intoxicating.  My photographs don’t even begin to capture the beauty and strength emanating all around that bit of land.

Standing there all I could think was what an incredible gift life is.  I’m trying to remember that in my everyday work world without the roar of the ocean to remind me.


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