Guess where I have been. Photo too vague?

How about this one? Still too nondescript?

This photo tells it all.

Yes, I’ve been to California and it was a wonderful trip. I attended Greenbuild 2012 in San Francisco last week and then whisked up to Sonoma County for the weekend. Not really a whole weekend, it was more like one 24 hour packed adventure. It was amazing, wonderful and I want to return and stay longer with cameras in hand. Today I am feasting on my memories. Feasting is probable the wrong word. Savoring is better. The experience is so fresh that the memories are tasty crumbs left after the cake has been devoured.  It was most definitely a “workation” in a delightful mix of work and fun.

I stayed at The Mosser hotel in San Francisco.  It’s a great place if you are on a budget or attending a conference at The Moscone Convention Center.  I like walking or in my case after a few late nights – stumbling over to the classes I had to attend.  No early morning madness to hail a cab and fight traffic.  It’s a clean place in which some rooms share a bathroom in the hall and others have their own.  Request your preference when you reserve your room and don’t go if you like things posh.  This is not.    It’s more low-key in a wonderful location, reasonably priced with a lovely staff.  For places to eat 54 Mint was a delightful find my friend Janet told me about.  I know you will love it too.

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4 Responses to Workation

  1. Big Girl says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Alice Laird says:

    these photos are beautiful – do you take them all? And what camera do you use?

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