Gone Fishing

Well, not really.

My friend Freda flew in from the U.K. and we took off for Maine to photograph.  We’ve brought 7 cameras and boxes of film.  Yes, film.  We’re also using our IPhones just because they are sooo easy.  This is my first photography trip since my world went “to hell in a hand basket.”  Years ago, I would go off at least once a year and photograph.  Sometimes it would be Europe and other times California.  I’ve studied with the best and have had shows in New York and New Jersey.  Then the breast cancer came and the operations.  Afterwards, I couldn’t lift the film cameras.  I was relieved the cancer was gone but devastated that the chances of me hiking into the woods again with my film cameras was just a memory.  The morning after my mastectomy, I mourned the loss of my photography.  With 24 lymph nodes removed, chances of me carrying anything heavy again were slim.  My film cameras are heavy.

During the months between operations I did Pilates with Cortnie.  Private sessions.  I then started doing yoga.  First group sessions and then privates again.  I’ve spent a fortune on exercise but my arm has been strengthened.  My whole body really.  I have to be careful of my arm as Lymphadema is always a threat.

Then Freda suggested we take off for a trip.  No long walks in the woods but she would help me if I needed it.  She said she’d fly over for two weeks.  I said great and packed up the car with the 7 cameras.  Holga’s, Hasselblad, Polaroids and even my 4×5.  I wasn’t sure what I would be using.  I dare not dream how I would do.

Colleen showed up for a few days too.  She follows along and has acted as my sherpa when I need one.  I pick one camera and one lens for each shoot.  The rest sit in the car waiting their turn.  The plan is working.   It’s day 4 and I’ve used everything except the 4×5.  It’s a Linhof and very, very cumbersome.  I won’t have anything to show you for at least a week or so.  I do want to say my heart is very light.

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2 Responses to Gone Fishing

  1. Terry says:

    LOVE Maine. Boy am i jealous. The air up there smells like a combination of pine trees and ocean water. Can i invite myself to your next photography show? I was so sorry to miss the first one, so i hope you are organizing another with the photos you are taking of this trip! Hugs T. Regards to Colleen

    • maesprose says:

      It was a wonderful trip Terry and just what I needed. Colleen had a great time too and ended up taking many photos of her own. A show will follow sometime in the future. You will be one of the first to know – right after me!

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