Ready, set, go!

My brain hurts. I’ve been updating or changing many of the programs on my computer. Suddenly, my sloppy solutions which grew from ignorance over many years seem more like duct tape in a plumbing repair job. I shouldn’t have let things go this long or this far. I’ve been taking One to One classes at the Apple Store for the past month and we had to start from the beginning.

“Three fingers swiped upwards will show you everything and look… to the right you can add another desk top to keep things neat and tidy.” My teacher, who is all of twenty, looks at me trying to see if my mind registers. All I keep thinking is, “When did I get so old to deserve such a look?” I smile at her acknowledging that the information was received and hopefully retained.

My three fingers have been swiping upward on the Trackpad for some time now and I had no clue that they were the reason everything seemed to fly around the screen. Now I know better. I feel like a baby who only just discovered the thing that keeps hitting her face is her own hand. “Whoa, I’m in control of that?” Next week we’re going to discuss “The Cloud”, which I’m not sure I understand completely yet or have a use for it. The truth is, I know I will be coming in for refresher courses for a whole year…. Most likely for the rest of my life. She just mentioned something about drop boxes.

Deep breath.  Ready, set and just keep going!

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