Coming Home

I slept for 11 hours last night.  I always sleep like that after a week of travel.  My flight from Las Vegas landed at 8:00 PM in Newark.  It was a misty wet night as I made my way by bus to the economy parking lot.  No matter how many notes I take I still need to press the unlock button on my key to locate the car.  One too many black cars in the parking lot… one too many hours in the air.  Lights flashing in the darkness give me direction and I head towards them, I am almost home.  Major Tom coming home.  I love that song not so much for the song itself but for the memories I have related to it.  They too include a rainy dark night.

It’s probable been twenty-five years now.  We were party hopping from one Christmas party to the next.  I think there were nine of us in all but that is even vague.  We were dressed up in our finest which in retrospect, may not have been very fine at all.  I know my dress was borrowed.  I remember a girl named Robin broke a strap on her dress.  Another friend tried to fix it and he accidentally stapled her to the mantel.  A roaring fire and Robin seemingly affixed as we all laughed like loons.  It might have been the second or third party we left that we found ourselves needing to get from the Upper East Side to Greenwich Village.  It was a misty, rainy night then too.  The streets sparkled and the cars made a whoosh noise as they passed.

It was my friend Rich, a rising advertising executive, who hailed a limo and negotiated a price.  I had never been in a limo before.  We all piled in with exuberance and relief to be out of the rain.  Finery crushed together so we could all fit and it was then the song began to play.  We screamed to the driver, “Make it louder!”  He did and we all started singing at the top of our lungs.

Watching in a trance,

The crew is certain.

Nothing left to chance,

All is working.

Trying to relax,

Up in the capsule.

“Send me up a drink.”

Jokes Major Tom

The count goes on….


I remember the streets passing by in a blur and feeling such a sense of happiness nestled in among my friends.  I’m sure cheap wine or beer helped launch all of us into such a state.  It doesn’t matter.  I just know I felt like I was on top of the world riding in the back of that limo singing at the top of my lungs.

Second stage is cut.
We´re now in orbit,
Stabilizers up.
Running perfect.
Starting to collect.
Requested data.
“What will it effect
When all is done?”
Thinks Major Tom

I had fun in Las Vegas this past week.  I was there for a trade show which can be tiring but there were people who attended that I hadn’t seen in years.  This is the first trip that no matter where I went I just kept running into people.  They all seemed to be whispering the most wonderful news in my ears.  New babies, new loves, new jobs, new homes.   Their happiness was contagious and I know I laughed into the early hours in celebration on Wednesday night and Thursday night too.  I love nights like those and there’s a part of me that always wants to sing out.

Earth below us,

Drifting, falling

Floating weightless,

Calling, coming home…..

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